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Donate to Adams Fall Run.
To donate directly to Presley please use this link.
Donation to Presley Fields

Thank you very much for your donation to this year’s Adams Fall Run. Your contribution makes it possible for us to achieve our purpose. We have been organizing this run for the last four4 years to come together and ride through the colorful wondrous mountains of the Berkshires that offer such a deep connection to our beautiful corner of the nation. Not only do we come together as a collective, we also bring forth funds to help our Veterans, who gave so much for our country, as well as Boston Medical's Pediatric Cardiology in their research to help their patients and their families. This event is only made possible through support from thoughtful members like you. We do hope for your continued support in the future, once again thank you deeply for your contribution.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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